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Reese's Thins Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Share Pack likely comes in a larger package containing individually wrapped thins. Each thin is a flat, circular disc with the recognizable Reese's logo on top.

Flavor: The combination of flavors in this variation would include the creamy peanut butter filling that Reese's is known for, now encased in a smooth dark chocolate. Dark chocolate provides a richer, slightly bitter taste compared to milk chocolate, which might create a more sophisticated flavor profile.

Texture: The texture of Reese's Thins is a balance between the smooth peanut butter filling and the melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate coating. The thinness of the candy allows for a different texture sensation compared to the thicker cups.

Usage: The share pack is likely designed for sharing among multiple people, making it suitable for social occasions or for those who enjoy Reese's but want a slightly lighter portion. Each individual thin serves as a single-serving snack.

Packaging: The 208g packaging refers to the net weight of the product in the package. The share pack packaging is designed to keep the thins fresh and protected, making it convenient to pass around and enjoy with others.

From the USA