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About Us

I'm the owner of the Redfern Convenience Store. I'm known to be very passionate about my job. I am where I am right now because of my commitment and dedication to the store as well as my hard work and effort. I'm very ambitious and always wanting my customers to be happy with the service and stock I provide. I love taking on challenges and always striving to be on top. One of my successful accomplishments was the instagram account (Redfern_convenience_store). I have a large amount of followers of people from all over Australia who also come to visit us to meet me and so I can take their photo in order to become customer of the day. It's one of the greatest trends we have on the account. 
Not many people understand the hard work I put into my job. From always rearranging shelves and making sure I've got the best stock and always stocked up making sure everything is perfect. I'm always cleaning and making sure everything is tidy to create a great appearance. I always try to make sure that my store is very convenient to my customers therefore making sure I've got exactly what they need. 


I'm a family guy. I love being around my family. So despite my long hours at work. I love sharing my time with them because they always encourage me and support me to do more. My parents teaching me to be respectful and kind to others, to always have a smile on my face since the day I was born really helped me with the person I am today. 

Being able to wake up everyday and go to work to see my beautiful customers and putting a smile on their faces really helps to keep me going. Knowing they left with a good impression makes my day. I have a deep sense of satisfaction whenever I get good feedback from my customers which makes me strive for even more. To be a successful person, you have to expect a bumpy road. The fact that I completed all those obstacles is a great accomplishment in my life. 

Hazem Sedda