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Croix Valley Spicy BBQ Booster 170g

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Similar in nature to the Garlic Booster,  Croix Valley's Spicy Barbecue Booster is an all purpose rub & seasoning perfect for all meats and vegetables or any dish that could use a little heat. Our Barbecue Booster line can be shaken over food before, during or after the cook like you would use any seasoning such as salt and pepper.  Add to chili, Southwest fare or any foods you like to eat spicy!  Awesome as a dry rub added to meats before cooking, this seasoning is equally as versatile in place of salt and other spices to simply add great flavor to any dish. Great for Tex Mex, Cajun and Mexican styles of cuisine. Croix Valley Spicy Booster was designed as a replacement for salt and pepper as the building block for seasoning food, it's specifically contoured to offer heat for those that like a little spice.
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