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Daily Mail Australia: The little-known Aussie store stocking hard to find international treats including Percy Pigs, Tayto chips from Ireland and Oreos by Lady Gaga

There is a convenience store in Sydney which stocks the word's most popular snacks including Percy Pigs from the UK, Tayto chips from Ireland and Lady Gaga Oreos from the USA.

Hazem Sedda, 34, claims his shop in Redfern, one of the city's inner suburbs, is 'the greatest convenience store on earth' and is proud to be able to offer famous snacks from around he world.

Whether it be cans of Irn Bru, Scotland's favourite drink, iconic Pop-Tarts, or crazy varieties of KitKat and Haribo not available in most Australian stores, Mr Sedda appears to have it all.

And people are happy to drive across the city to visit the tiny convenience store.

The shopkeeper recently shared a picture of a couple who drove an hour to see him, just so they could buy some Nutella biscuits and get their hands on limited-edition Lady Gaga Oreos.

Another group traveled from Manly to pick up some Dr Pepper and Haribo lollies 'that you can't find anywhere else'. 

Mr Sedda, who has run the shop since he was 19, says customers are more important to him than the balance sheet - and he is happy to go out of his way to find them the products they love.

Recently he began to stock Percy Pigs, one of the UK's favourite lollies, and has been struggling to keep up with the demand.

He also sells Tayto chips which are famous in Ireland. 

While Europeans might find it hard to walk past the huge range of Milka chocolate products offered by the Redfern Convenience Store. 

The shelves are also loaded with Reese's products, for those who can't go past a peanut-butter snack. 

The shopkeeper has also jumped on the 'Lotus biscoff' bandwagon and sells the biscuits as well as Lotus dessert topping.

They also have some peculiar offerings including pickle-flavoured Pringles from America, a 900-gram gummy bear and 'toe of Satan' spicy chilli-flavoured lollies.

There's even Libby's Pumpkin Puree which is a key ingredient for pumpkin pie for people from the US who want a taste of home. 

Old Australian favourites like Yowies, Dunkeroos and Kit Kat Chunky are also stocked at the store.

The store made headlines last year after charging $3.50 for one roll of toilet paper and $99 for two in a bid to stop people from hoarding the household item.

The first international item the shopkeeper ever stocked was Dr Pepper, kick starting his passion for supplying products from around the world.

It also help set his store apart from the rest - in a time where convenience stores struggle to operate in competition with big supermarkets. 

Mr Sedda uses social media to help advertise his new products and has more than 20,000 followers on Instagram.