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SBS Dateline: 'RATs, toilet paper and nostalgic treats:' Pilot realises dream is to run a convenience store.

Hazem with boxes full of Covid RATS


By Emily Jane Smith

Published 25 January 2022

Source: SBS


At the heart of Hazem Sedda’s business - which he calls, “the greatest Redfern convenience store on Earth” - is a deep sense of community.
So when the consumer challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic arose, Hazem put his best foot forward.

From runs on toilet paper to an insufficient supply of rapid antigen tests, Hazem said he has tried to put community over profit when offering goods during the pandemic. He went viral - and not for the first or last time - at the beginning of the pandemic for selling one pack of toilet paper for $3.50 and the second for $99 as a joke to deter panic buying.